An Invitation to All Printers and ACPA Affiliates

We, the ACPA, which (in this case) includes Ben Blount, Jenny Wilkson, Brad Vetter, and Rick Griffith along with distribution and promotional partners Hamilton Woodtype and Printing Museum, Field Notes Brand, AIGA, Partners in Print and Shop at MATTER, invite you to…

Make a poster to Encourage Voting in these
United States of America.

What Do We Need From You?

50 or more letterpress printed posters 12” x 18”
Mail them to us. We will scan and make your poster downloadable.

Your picture (optional)
A photo of you holding the print.

Prints may be mailed to the ACPA HQ at:
2134 Market St.
Denver, CO 80205

What Do You Get?

+ A blind box of letterpress posters from the other collaborators in the project.
+ A patch for your apron or jean jacket.
+ Love of your fellow printers.
+ Respect from your community.
❤️ That warm feeling that says you did the right thing.


Get cracking!!! We don’t need much but your country needs you NOW! The whole thing will roll out starting on September 18, here at

*Mail your prints no later than September 30*

Let’s Focus Our Energy on October to Make it All Count.
This means that we are encouraging our partners to host events and post online for the last 30 days of the election cycle.


No parties or candidate endorsements. No (Anti) negative rhetoric.

Your goal is to print a poster that will get people to vote in time for their voices to be heard.

In this call for submissions, you’ll see that there is a new challenge you can answer—some states need to create advanced awareness for the mail-in ballot and the rules around it. Some battleground states are even making the deadlines for requests so close that it is likely that those ballots won’t reach their destination in time to be useful. Use the chart to identify the challenges state-by-state. Feel free to go deep with your poster submission. We have a network of partners in each battleground and swing state to get your persuasive posters seen by as many people as possible.

FAQ: What happens to $11.03 each of these posters?

This goes towards the postage to send the prints out to the people who collaborate on the project and the helpers who activate in the swing and battleground states.

It also pays for The Printing and sending of posters FOR FREE to the cities where we are active: in the key battleground and swing states.


Ask BenJennyBrad, or Rickand we will help you get it sorted.


Tons, from your colleague printers and fellow citizens.